Made-in-Japan Kitchen Knives "Hocho"— generally called Sashimi or Sushi Knives — with Excellent Design and Unparalleled Tradition.

Knife Structure

Why honyaki knives so expensive, even if made with a single steel like cheap stainless knives ?

A customer asked about the wave line on a popular kitchen knife, “Hello, i have a question and can´t find the answer at the tutorials. There are two blade structures of traditional japanese knives.   Kasumi (cheaper)   Honyaki (very expensive) There are some cheaper japaneses knives made with stainless steel. I think they are …

Takohiki v.s. Yanagiba, Which is suitable for Sushi and Sashimi?

A customer gave us a good question about Sushi/Sashimi knives. “I’m looking for a sushi knife, can’t decide which I should select, Takohiki or Yanagiba. The takohiki just look cool, functionally wise they should be the same but which would be better for sushi related tasks, mainly sashimi and nigiri?” It is a kind of basic question but very …

Honyaki and Kasumi Knives — Two basic categories of Japanese wa-bocho

One of our customers gave us a question, ” I am looking for non stainless, that is a full carbon knife. Is the honkasumi gyuto made of a mono steel or clad knife and what is the hardness of the steel?” That is a good question, because there are two basic categories of traditional Japanese knives, …

Structure of Hocho

Originally, all Japanese kitchen knives – Hocho – clearly show their relation to the Samurai sword. The blades are forged traditionally in multiple layers, with an inner core of hard and brittle carbon steel, forgewelded with a thick layer of soft and more ductile iron steel sandwiched around the core so that the hard steel …

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